“The self-emancipation of our time is an emancipation from the material bases of inverted truth.” — Guy Dubord, The Society of the Spectacle

Guy Dubord, The Society of the Spectacle

In the last instalment, I discussed the importance of coherence. That is, the importance of embracing, rather than avoiding, friction, as it is only through an honest engagement with things that challenge us that we can curve towards the asymptotic value known as ‘truth’.

In this instalment, I would like to do a deeper dive into the factors that drive us to shun friction in the first place, and how decentralization is a key component of averting…

It’s really no wonder that so many teenagers and young adults waver between extremes of nihilism and rage towards the world as it exists today. They watch as adults lecture them about how they ought to live their lives meaningfully, while those same “adults” appear to be driving themselves crazy, in the very literal sense of being unable to distinguish between facts and fantasy. How is anyone supposed to figure out what’s really going on in the world? It’s only natural for young people to feel as though they’ve been betrayed, and that nothing really matters!

In a nutshell, this…

NOTE: This article is in response to this essay by Haseeb Qureshi.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Haseeb is my friend and an investor in my startup. In real life, I love him dearly and respect his wisdom. In this letter I will take a different tone of voice for the sake of debate.

Dear Haseeb,

I sense that you and I have very different ideas of what crypto is meant to be. Where you see a product to be marketed, I see a technological paradigm shift. …

The term GCW for Global Civil War is fitting for describing the world as it really is now — taking off the Matrix glasses the Western elites are forcing on us — the picture that kept us captive.

The unrest noticed everywhere where the bottom half of societies rebel against the liberal and wealthy elites is a direct consequence of the inequality gap losing in legitimacy. The inequality gap aims to dissolve the very coherency and joint identity and solidarity of societies across the globes. It is untenable. The current statuesque of power and wealth distribution loses now the necessary legitimation it needs in order to continue.

Humanity is now called to relocate afresh values of the past — as they were properly understood in their local historical context — now on the new framework and context of…

Tomer Afek

Working hard @ Spacemesh.io

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